Shure SM7B Review | Is This Microphone The Podcasting King?

Shure SM7B Review | Is This Microphone The Podcasting King?

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Shure has always had a solid product line that has proven to be amongst the best in the industry. That said, when the Shure SM7 was introduced, both hype and expectations were high. Rarely does hype meet expectations but we have to give credit where it's due - the SM7B meets every expectation. In this SM7B review, we'll dive into some features and details that make this microphone great, and why it's worth making it your main microphone for vocal recording and podcasting.

Origins & Popularity

The SM7 series microphone is famous for having been used by Michael Jackson on the thriller album. Most recently though, many bands have used this microphone to record vocals, including Metallica.

About The Shure SM7B Microphone


Main Specifications

  • Power Required/Consumption 1 Lithium battery required
  • Polar Patterns Cardioid
  • Frequency Response 50Hz – 20kHz
  • Sensitivity -59dBV/Pa (1.12 mV) (at 1kHz, open voltage)
  • Output Impedance 150 ohms
  • Connector XLR
  • Max SPL 180dB


High-End Sound, Low-End Price

The Shure SM7B is one of the most popular microphones in the world right now. It has been used in radio, TV and in studios for many vocal applications including voiceover and vocal recordings. In the recent years, it has also become the go-to for many home studio setups for music recording and podcasting.

This microphone also crushes the idea that the best microphones are the most expensive microphones. The Shure SM7B is comparable to high-end microphones, while being 3 times cheaper on average!

Sound Quality

The Shure SM7B is the perfect microphone for a rich yet neutral low-end capture, resulting in a recorded sound that is as true to real life as it gets. Unlike the run of the mill, consumer grade microphones, the SM7B has zero distortion - just a clean and balanced tone.

If you think that SM7B is only suited for vocals, think again. This microphone is really versatile. You can use it to record the softest to the loudest sounds you can imagine. With its 180db SPL, it's also become a top choice for bass drums and screaming guitar solos. 

What We Like


No Airy Silence

The air suspension shock isolation and pop filter, the Shure SM7B does an incredible job at eliminating unwanted "air" noise.

Clean Capture

Thanks to its classic cardioid pattern, the SM7B is able to omit any audio or background noises emanating from your recording booth or room. This allows for the speaker or vocal performer to maintain a comfortable angle, without having to worry about remaining in the perfect recording zone. 

How Do I Connect My Shure SM7B To A Computer?

Connecting the Shure SM7B to your computer is really simple. All you really need is an audio interface. For a simple, high-quality and versatile audio interface, we recommend the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen. You will also need an XLR cable. Simply connect the female side of the XLR cable to your Shure SM7B and the male side to the 1st input on the front of your audio interface. Simple as that!

If you would like to connect an off-board microphone preamp before connecting to an audio interface, check out this video for instructions on how to do so. 

Our Verdict

You simply can't go wrong with the Shure SM7B as your main vocal capture microphone. The flat frequency response allows for an excellent recording for any type of sound source, and it's versatile enough to work with most studio settings.

Shure SM7B Microphone Available At Muziq Market Montreal

Whether you’re a podcaster, vocalist, or radio announcer, the Shure SM7B is one of the best tools on the market for amplifying and capturing your voice. Pick one up a Shure SM7B online or at Muziq Market in Montreal today!


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